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Crown Roofing for all your roof repairs in the greater Wellington region. Call now to get your roof repaired fast.

 "If we don't deliver on our promise, we will pay a roofing company of your choice to put things right".



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Roofing in the greater Wellington region.

We offer affordable roofing and repairs to the entire Wellington region. Call now to get your leak stopped or repaired. Wellington, Island bay, Porirua, Tawa, lower hutt, Johnsonville, we provide quality repairs througout the region. For information about our roof repair service, please click here. Or call the number above for your free estimate.

Do you need a roof repair?

            Is your roofing looking a bit worn out? Sometimes all that is required is a little economical maintenance. We may be able to save you a great deal of money and extend the life of your roof considerably.
 For a fraction of the cost of a new replacement, we can repair and restore your old tired roofing. And because all our work conforms to the New Zealand code for weather tight solutions, you can rest assured the job will be done right. 


Flat Roofing

            Flat roofing requires a little more maintenance than conventional pitched coverings. Due to the low pitch, flat roofs are exposed to moisture for longer periods than other coverings. If you check your flat roof on a regular basis, you will be able to stop problems before they escalate. Call the number above for free advice on repairs and replacement. Click here for Butynol roofing.

 A picture of some ridge and hip tiles.

Concrete tile roofing

Tile roofing is durable, attractive and requires very little maintenance. Broken or cracked tiles and loose cement mortar are the most common causes of leaks. The tiles on the left need some attention. Once the mortar has been re-pointed, this roof will go on for 30 years plus before it requires further maintenance.  

Roof leaks.

It is important that the roof leak is correctly investigated or any money spent on repairs will be wasted. The rain may be entering the building in a totally different area from where it actually shows on your ceiling. We will provide you with a free estimate which clearly outlines the exact cause of your leak and our suggested remedy.

Metal roof repairs.

Crown carry out repairs to all types of Metal roofing. Call for advice on extending the life of your metal roof. The corrugated iron on the right is in need of an urgent repair. The ridge capping has been removed to reveal serious corrosion underneath. Because it has been caught early enough, the rust can be treated. By providing galvanic protection, the life may be extended in excess of twenty years. 

A picture of corrugated iron.

Corrugated Roofing

Colorsteel corrugated roofing sheets come in a wide range of colours to suit your home. Coloursteel Max and colorsteel Endura have been designed specifically for New Zealand conditions. Colorsteel Maxx is designed for environments near the coast. 

Zincalume Roof Sheets.

Zincalume roofing sheets were introduced by New Zealand steel in 1994. Zincalume metal sheets have proved to be significantly more durable than traditional corrugated Iron. Zincalume sheets use galvanic protection to provide a durable finish. Aluminium and Zinc are used in the alloy coating which gives the metal sheets superior corrosion resistance. This is of particular importance in Wellington, where salt laden air is often carried far inland. 


More information about leaks.

A roof leak is not only inconvenient; it may also be damaging the integrity of the buildings structure. Leaks often continue for some time before they are noticed as damp patches inside your property. If left unchecked this can lead to damaged rafters and expensive structural problems. Most leaks are easily fixed if caught early enough. The faster you act, the less the damage and cost. Click here, for information about our roofing contractors.

Locating the point of water ingress is often the most difficult part of solving the problem. The water may track down rafters or the underside of tiles before it appears inside the building. Some of the most common causes are faulty flashings, loose fixtures or nails and cracked or loose cement. We have many years experience locating and fixing roof leaks. If you allow us to provide you with a free estimate, you will find the process easy and affordable.            


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