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Chimney Removal

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Chimney Removal

Chimney removal in the greater Wellington region. We have had the warnings, now its time to get serious and remove your Chimney.

 Do you have a chimney that needs reducing in size? Brick and concrete chimneys are a major cause of property damage in Earthquake prone regions.

 If your chimney is not in use, it should be removed to below roof level. Working chimneys can be reduced in size to make them safer. Call now to have your chimney reduced or removed. For roofing and roof repairs, please visit this page.  


Chimney Reduction

Chimney removal or reductions. The most vulnerable part of the chimney during an earthquake is the section above the roof. By simply lowering the chimney and bracing, the risk of falling masonry is dramatically reduced. This method does not normally require building consent and is far less intrusive. It also costs about one fifth the price of complete chimney removal.

Do you need building consent to remove a chimney?
If you are only removing the chimney section above the roof, you do not normally require building consent. If the chimney is to be taken down to ground level, or the chimney forms part of the buildings structure, building consent may be required. Further, if you home is listed, or within a residential character area you will need consent. Contact Wellington Council if you are unsure.  Council planning phone number: (04) 801 3590

12,000 Chimneys collapse after Wellington Earthquake

   An estimated 12,000 chimneys were toppled during the 1942 Wairarapa Earthquake.
 A chimney is held secure by a combination of its mass and the bond between bricks and mortar. If the mortar bond breaks all thats left is a tonne of stacked bricks above your head.
 The greater Wellington regional website recommends you secure your chimney as part of your earthquake plan.            
 Chimney reduction or removal is possible in most cases.  If the chimney must be kept it should be secured. 

How much does it cost to make a chimney safe?

The cost of chimney removal depends on size and location. Each chimney and its location on the roof will be different. Cost will vary depending on size, location and roof type. As a rough guide, lowering an unused chimney below roof level, providing support around the diaphragm where required and flashing the roof surface will cost around $1200 total. 
 If the roof does not require flashing and you dispose of your own bricks/concrete the price will be significantly cheaper. By simply lowering the chimney, we can get this down to $900.

Chimneys that are still in use will require additional adaption via a metal flu/cowl.



Earthquake Wellington

Previous earthquake damage in Wellington. In 1848 early Wellington settlers experienced a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Only six years later Wellington experienced the largest ever recorded earthquake in New Zealand’s history. The 8.2 magnitude earthquake collapsed four fifths of the chimneys in Wellington. Chimneys are one of the most vulnerable parts of a property during an earthquake. For piece of mind, have your chimney removed now.


Always check with your local authority to see if building consent is required to remove your chimney. If building consent is required, the work will need to be carried out by a licensed building practioner.  It is also a good idea to inform your insurance company when undertaking demolition work of any kind.

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