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Wellington Roofing Contractors.

Crown Roofing Contractors Wellington 

If you are looking for reliable Wellington roofing contractors, you are in the right place. Crown complete quality repairs at highly competitive prices, throughout the entire greater Wellington area. Our roofing contractors are skilled in all aspects of roof construction, Metal, Tile and Flat roofing.

As you can see from the map below, we serve the whole of the wider Wellington district. For information on our prices, please visit our estimates page here.


Map of Wellington and Lower hutt .




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Metal roofing contractors Wellington.

             Crown Roofing, metal roof contractors serving greater Wellington.  Metal roofing is lightweight, durable and ideal for Wellington roofing conditions. With a little care and restoration, the serviceable life of old metal roofing can be doubled. As with all metal constructions, it is important to keep a check on corrosion. Old rusty nails and flashings will quickly deteriorate the surrounding materials. This will cause leaks and the need for early replacement. The remedy is simple, cheap and will protect your investment for many years to come.


A picture of two roofing contractors fixing a clay tiled roof in Lower Hutt, near Wellington. 

Tile roof contractors in Wellington.

Crown is one of the few Wellington roofing contractors able to offer quality tile roof repairs. We have skilled roof contractors in concrete, clay and metal tile coverings. Tiles are extremely long-lived and will out perform all other roof coverings. Tile strength and longevity has been time tested over many hundreds of years. Concrete and Clay tiles are watertight, secure and add an attractive finish to any building.
The clay tile roof above is over seventy years old. Once the new dormer has been constructed, the origional ridge tiles will be re-bedded and will go on to last many generations. Refurbishment is always possible with these materials. Replacing the mortar with acrilic pointing compound will add increased tile security and prevent future leaks. The new pointing will also provide better protection during ground movement. Contact us today for your free estimate.

Flat Roofing in Wellington.

            Our Wellington roofing contractors complete quality repairs, and also install new flat roofing. After many years experience, we have found Butynol rubber membrane to be the ideal flat roof covering for the Wellington climate. It costs the same as other membranes, yet provides superior performance and needs far less upkeep. We can repair your flat roof, stop your leaks, provide general maintenance or build you a brand new one if necessary.

A trouble free and durable flat roof begins life with good design. It is essential that sufficient consideration is given to correct drainage and the correct construction materials. The fall or pitch of the substructure will determine the correct exit of surface water from the building. For the roof to perform effectively, water must be cleared from the surface as soon as possible. This will avoid “ponding” and undue stress on the membrane. Water ponding is one of the main causes of leaks and the need for premature replacement. This is due to stresses caused by thermal movement. The difference in temperatures between wet and dry areas causes undue stress on the membrane. It is therefore essential to build a solid substructure with the correct pitch or fall.
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Is green roofing an option in Wellington?

Green roofing options in Wellington NZ.  New Zealand does not suffer from the urban heat island effect to a great extent. However, there are many sound ecological and financial reasons why green roofing makes sense for Wellington properties. Dark coloured roofing materials degrade quickly when exposed to ultra violet light. Wellington receives high UV levels and over 2000 hours sunshine per year. By using green roofing materials that reflect the suns rays, your investment will last longer. 

            Information and details about our availability.

Like all good roofing contractors in Wellington, we do get busy at peak times. Depending on the problem, we may be able to fix your leak on our first visit. If it can not be fixed on the spot, we will provide you with a free estimate for your consideration. The work can then usually be completed within two weeks of your acceptance.