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Roof Repairs Wellington



Roof Repairs Wellington


roofing in wellington.

 Crown Roofing Wellington carry out roof repairs throughout the greater Wellington region.
 We are conveniently placed to serve Wellington, Lower Hutt, Tawa, Porirua, Johnsonville, and all surrounding regions. Call now to get your roof repaired fast.
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Whatever type of roof you have Metal, Concrete Tile, or a Flat roof we can repair it and add value to your home. Call now for your free roof repair estimate.


Wellington Roof Repairs 

Advice on getting roof repairs in the Wellington region. If you have a leak in your roof one of the first places to investigate are the roof flashings.  Roof flashings can be found at areas where the roofing changes direction or where you have penetrations.  Some examples are Chimneys, Vents, Valleys, Abutments and skylights.  The roof flashing often deteriorates a lot faster than the surface around it.  These areas often require a roof repair which can be quite economical.  Crown Roofing offer free estimates and leak location. 

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Roof repairs Wellington.

Wellington Roofing, Replacement Tiles.

Information about roofing repairs in Wellington. If you have a tiled roof one of the major reasons for leaks is missing or faulty tiles.  The tiles can break due to wind uplift or just because they are old.  Although the damage inside the house can be quite severe, the repair is fairly simple.  The hardest part is finding the correct roof component.  Sometimes tiles are discontinued and finding a replacement may take some time.  In these cases we will make your home watertight until a suitable replacement can be found. Crown Roofing Wellington has access to thousands of roof tiles across New Zealand. 


Wellington Flat Roofing Repairs. 

Flat roofing and repairs in Wellington. Flat roofs often require a lot of maintenance.  Because of the low pitch water can sometimes pool which will cause the roof covering to degrade quickly.  If you catch the leak fast enough a simple repair will be sufficient.  However if the water has been allowed to rot the substructure it will have to be replaced.  If the substructure needs to be replaced and the fall is insufficient, we recommend increasing the pitch slightly.  This adds a small amount to the cost of the roof repairs but it will ensure that rain can exit the roof correctly.

General Roofing Maintenance and Roof repairs in Wellington.

Roofing maintenance in Wellington. If you are a smart investor you will want to ensure your asset increases in value.  Rotting rafters and collapsed roofs are a great way to deplete any capital gain you earned last year.  All roofing should have a maintenance plan in place.  It’s cheap, easy and it will save you a lot of money in the future.  Crown Roof repairs Wellington offer a full roof maintenance plan to keep your roof in good condition.

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