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Roof Slates


Roof Slates

Roof slates have provided a durable and attractive covering for buildings for many hundreds of years. Below you will find some photo's of the different types available. Crown Roofing, in PoriruaWellington and the surrounding area. Click here to visit our homepage.  

Welsh roof Slates

On the left is a view of a roof covering constructed using Welsh roof slates. Due to their attractive appearance and durability, Welsh slates are considered to be the premium slate available. This kind of roof will last many lifetimes. When the roof does finally need replacing it will normally be due to "nail fatigue." This is a process where the nails finally rusts away causing the slates to slip. Modern copper nails will now remedy this.

Chinese Slate

Early examples of chinese slate were of poor quality. Many roofer's complained that the roof slate was too brittle making fixing difficult. The quality has now improved significantly.

West Morland & Burlington Slates

This roof installation is constructed using West Morland and Burlington roof slates. These two are of excellent quality and have similar properties as the Welsh slate.

Spanish Slate Roofing

Here is an example of a roof built using spanish roof slate. Uniform in size and easy to work with, this is a good mid range tile.

Composite Roof Slates

These man made slates are constructed with plastics and reclaimed slate powder. They have a very authentic look. They even mimic the chips and weathering on the bottom of the slate! Modern composite slates are far superior to early models. Durable, light and much cheaper than a conventional slate roof.

Used Roofing Slates

Using secondhand materials can save you a lot of money. It is also good for the environment. Check the tiles are in good condition and not flaky around the edges. Chips are fine but if you can see layers or flakes of slate, they are probably too far gone to be re-used.
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