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Roof pointing

Flexible roof pointing.

The benefits of flexible roof pointing. In areas prone to seismic movement, a lot of property owners are giving some thought to replacing the pointing on their roof.  Constant shifting and “knocks” can loosen the mortar and lead to a leaking roof.


There are two options when replacing your roof pointing.  Traditional cement based pointing and flexible water based polymer pointing. 


Traditional cement based mortar is attractive and has stood the test of time over many centuries.  Provided it is laid by skilled craftsmen, it will add to the appearance of your home and give years of maintenance free protection.  Correct mixing and application is critical and should be carried out by an experienced contractor.  Mortar can be dyed to match the surrounding roof tiles and is considerably cheaper than flexible pointing pastes.


Flexible roof pointing paste comes in a variety of colors to match the roof.  It offers a secure fixing at the pointing stage and remains flexible.  Again, providing it is applied properly it will give a neat and attractive appearance to your roof.  The added benefit of flexibility gives a better fixing in areas with ground movement. 

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Roof pointing is an article about roof repairs and the different types of roofing materials used in Wellington.

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