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Wellington earthquake

Earthquake In Wellington?

 Worried about the recent wellington earthquake? Wellington  has a history of seismic events and large earthquakes. Sitting  on top of two major fault lines means future ground movement is inevitable. 
The ECQ recommends you consider your roof as part of your earthquake protection plan. Click here for more details. 
Chimneys are the biggest risk of damage to your home during an earthquake. (12,000 chimneys were toppled during the last big Wellington earthquake) If your brick chimney is no longer being used, it is a good idea to remove it. If the chimney is still in use it can be reduced to a safer height or braced. Loose  mortar should be replaced to secure the ridge tiles safely on the roof.   

Visit the New Zealand governments 
EQC website and follow their advice for earthquake preparation. To have your chimney removed click here. Visit our wellington roofing homepage for more information.



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