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Chimney Repairs
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Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs in the greater Wellington region. Have you checked your chimney recently? Loose cement and cracks can weaken the structure of your chimney.

Brick Chimney repair

 Brick chimneys require regular maintenance and repair to keep them watertight and safe. Masonry chimneys are a major cause of concern in earthquake prone regions.  Old cement between the joints will weaken the structure of brick chimneys. Old mortar needs to be removed and replaced with new mortar. Call now for your free estimate.

Concrete Chimney repair

Concrete chimneys are liable to cracking, due to age and ground movement. Cracks should be repaired as soon as possible to maintain the integrity of the structure. 

Chimney flashings

All chimney flashings repaired or replaced. Lead, steel or butynol. Call for a free quote, or click the button at the top of this page. Click here for chimney removal