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Flat Roofs

We use butyl rubber membrane for all our flat roofing and waterproofing. Butynol roofs resist aging from heat, sunlight and ozone. Butynol roofing also has excellent UV resistance. The rubber roofing material remains flexible through extreme temperature ranges. Ideal for Wellington roofing conditions. How much will it cost? Click here for details.

 If installed correctly, rubber roofing is durable. It has a useful life of at least 20 years making it an economical solution for flat roofing situations. It is installed “cold” so there are no fire hazards as with other flat roofing materials. Call us today for a free estimate for your new flat roof.

 We provide roof repairs to all types of Flat roofing. Get your free estimate today.


Flat Roof Types

Flat roof coverings rely on low pitch gravity to shed water from the roof surface. As opposed to normal roofing that allows water to run off quickly, water on flat roofing takes more time to dissipate. This requires that the roof is more watertight than conventional roofing.

Flat roofing membrane

Butynol rubber flat roof membrane is usually applied to a substructure of ply 22mm thick. The ply has to be firmly secured to prevent uplift. The butynol is laid out along the roof surface and allowed to settle before being secured to the flat roof with ardex adhesive. Both the flat roof and the rubber membrane are painted with adhesive. Where laps meet a 50mm fillet of lap joint may be used to supply a superior fixing. Butynol provides a flexible roofing membrane superior to bitumen flat roof products.

Rubber roofs are gaining popularity for flat roofing situations in the region. Rubber roofing may seem expensive, but when compared to torch on flat roofing and taking into account the longer life span, it equals out. There are many benefits to rubber flat roofing systems. The biggest benefit is that the system completely waterproofs the structure. This is especially important for the flat roofs that tend to leak easily. 

Our Wellington roofing contractors complete quality repairs, and also install new flat roofing. After many years experience, we have found Butynol rubber membrane to be the ideal flat roof covering for the Wellington climate. It costs the same as other membranes, yet provides superior performance and needs far less upkeep. We can repair your flat roof, stop your leaks, provide general maintenance or build you a brand new one if necessary.

A trouble free and durable flat roof begins life with good design. It is essential that sufficient consideration is given to correct drainage and the correct construction materials. The fall or pitch of the substructure will determine the correct exit of surface water from the building. For the roof to perform effectively, water must be cleared from the surface as soon as possible. This will avoid “ponding” and undue stress on the membrane. Water ponding is one of the main causes of leaks and the need for premature replacement. This is due to stresses caused by thermal movement. The difference in temperatures between wet and dry areas causes undue stress on the membrane. It is therefore essential to build a solid substructure with the correct pitch or fall.
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