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Lower Hutt Information and Facts

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Lower hutt statistics and information. Lower Hutt is the tenth biggest New Zealand city according to population. The lower part of the Hutt covers 376 Kilometers. One of the most notable parts of Lower Hutt is the river that runs through it. The Hutt river offers excellent opportunities for recreation. A lot of the land next to Lower Hutt river is protected and has excellent walking tracks. However, it also has a high risk of flooding. The last major flood was in 1985. Due to industrialization parts of the lower hutt river have become heavily polluted. The council have put measures in place to reverse this decline.

Early Lower Hutt

Before the Europeans arrived, the Lower Hutt valley was covered in thick forestry. The first European settlement was named Britannia and was set up on the mouth of Lower Hutt River. The harbour was later named Port Jackson before today’s, Wellington. Lower Hutt takes its name from the river which was named after Sir William Hutt. William Hutt was chairman of the New Zealand Company which was set up to start the new British colony in Wellington.  

Statistics for Lower Hutt

Lower Hutt contains 2.5% of New Zealand’s entire population. At the time of the 2006 Census, 97,701 people were living in Lower Hutt. There are 47,700 males and 50,001 males living in Lower Hutt. 37,724 of the homes in the Hutt are occupied. Click here if you are looking for information about roofing in Lower Hutt. 

Lower Hutt Population figures

Crown roofing, serving lower hutt and the wellington region. Half of the people living in Lower Hutt are younger than 35.1 years of age, the remaining half older. Pensioners (aged 65 plus) make up 10.9% of the Lower Hutt population. 65% of the residents are from a European ethnic society. 17% are Maori. 22% of the people in Lower Hutt were born in another country. England makes up the largest single group. After English, Samoan is the language that is most frequently spoken.

Marriage status and Education in Lower Hutt

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 Of the group aged fifteen and above, 35% of them have not yet been married. 47% are married, 17% are widowed, separated or divorced. 45% of couples in Lower Hutt have children. Couples without make up 34.8% and one parent families 20.6%. 40% of the residents of Lower Hutt aged fifteen and above have a qualification achieved after leaving school. 24% have no recognised qualification.

Lower Hutt employment and Personal finances

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The median income for people over the age of fifteen living in Lower Hutt is $27,300. (Half earn more, half earn less) Nearly 40% of Lower hutts population earn less than $20,000. This compares with 43% across the whole of New Zealand. 5.7% of the people living in Lower Hutt are unemployed. The most common forms of employment in descending order are: Professional, Clerical/admin, Managers, Trades, Sales, Community Workers, Machinery/drivers and labourers.

Lower Hutt

A picture of Lower Hutt.