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Roofing Information

 Tiled roofing has been in use since Roman times. Concrete tile roofs are the most indistructable roofs available. A well installed concrete or clay tiled roof will outlast all other types of roofing. This type of roofing also requires the least maintenance. The classic style of a tiled roof adds a distinct and superior finish to any home. Due to their durability and superior performance, homes with a concrete tile roof often command a higher re-sale value. Monier concrete roofing tiles have a performance guarantee of over fifty years. Roofing tiles do not suffer from rust or corrosion as with metal roof types. Concrete tile roofing also has superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties over metal roofing. Unlike metal roofing which requires constant maintenance, a simple wash down once a year will keep a concrete tiled roof free from debris. Due to the nature of the roofs and safety issues, it is advisable to call in a licensed roofing contractor to complete this work for you. Click here to view our homepage. 


Monier roofing information.

Monier Hacienda roofing tile. The Monier Hacienda roofing tile has attractive rolling lines in the Roman style. Available in a range of colours, these roofing tiles have coverage of 12 tiles per square Metre. As with all concrete roofing, the tiles are impervious to frost damage.

Monier Madison roofing tile. The Madison roofing tile is designed to imitate slate. These stylish interlocking roof tiles can be used on roof pitches as low as fifteen degrees. It is recommended a good roofing underlay be installed with all tiles.

Modern French roof tile. The modern French roofing tile was designed in the Marseille style. These roofing tiles are interlocking and may be used on roof pitches down to 20 degrees. As with all concrete tile roofing, these tiles are non porous.

Horizon roofing tile. The Monier horizon roofing tile is also designed in a slate style. This interlocking roof tile can be used on pitches as low as twelve degrees.


Metal Roofing Tiles.

Gerard roofing is a true kiwi success story. Gerard roofing products are now available in over one hundred and twenty countries. The first roof tile was produced fifty years ago by Kiwi, Lou Fisher. Metal roofing tiles have undergone many innovations and improvements since Fishers invention.

Gerard roofing tiles are lightweight, stylish and extremely durable. Unlike corrugated roofing, the tiles are fixed horizontally. This provides a more secure fixing in strong winds. The light weight of the roofing tiles also cuts down on build costs. The tiles are stylishly shaped to mimic traditional clay roofing and shingles. The coating and finish of a Gerard roofing tiles are second to none.       



Gerard Roofing Information.

Gerard colortile.The Gerard colortile is designed in the profile of a European clay roofing tile. It has an attractive scalloped design, which can be used on roofs with a pitch as low as twelve degrees. Choose the satin finish for a smooth look that promotes the detail of the roofing tile. Colortile metal roofing tiles are also available in a textured finish.
Tuffcoat roofing tile. As the name suggests, Gerard Tuffcoat roofing tiles have an extremely durable coating. The tiles combine classic roofing characteristics with modern innovation. This tile best suits homes requiring a bold looking roof.
If prefer the look of wooden shakes, the Corona Shake is for you. The Corona Shake roof tile imitates the look of hand produced wooden roofing, but requires little of the maintenance associated with wooden shakes. These tiles can be used on roofs with a pitch down to fifteen degrees.