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Random Wellington facts

This page contains information and statistics about Wellington, New Zealand. For information and details about our roofing contractors, please view our homepage above, or click this link for further details about our wellington roofing contractors.

The wider Wellington region is home to approximately five hundred thousand people. Forty one per cent of this figure resides in Wellington itself. This number makes up five per cent of the New Zealand population. Fifty five per cent of the Wellington population are aged between eighteen and forty nine years of age. The city claims the highest rate of residents in New Zealand holding a bachelor degree, with thirty three per cent.

Is it really that Windy in Wellington?

 Wellington is famous for its weather. It is the windiest city in New Zealand with an average (mean average) annual wind speed of twenty two kilo metres per hour. Wellington has twenty two days of the year, where the average wind speeds measure over sixty three kilo metres per hour. On one hundred and seventy three days of the year the city receives gusts higher than sixty kilo metres per hour. October is traditionally the windiest month in Wellington, (twenty seven days with average mean wind speeds above fifteen knots). So yes, it does get a little breezy.  

Wealth and housing information in Wellington

Wellington folk do have more money in their pockets (apparently!). The average annual wage for Wellington city residents is eighty nine thousand dollars. The hourly average is also the highest in New Zealand at thirty two dollars. (These figures are taken from statistics New Zealand and are dated 2009)
There are sixty nine thousand homes in the city of Wellington. Just over half of these properties are occupier owned (with or without a mortgage). The average cost of a Wellington city home is five hundred and thirty eight thousand dollars.